What a year it has been…

2004b2covers.gifAs 2004 comes to a close, I have finally had a chance to take a day off, and look back and reflect on 2004. By all means, it has been a year of personal growth, and professional growth. Highlight of the year has to be visiting my parents, and surprising them at 3 am in the morning by showing up unannounced. In fact, it was their blessings perhaps which started a year of professional growth. I wanted to bring you upto date with my articles in Business 2.0. The reason I do this, because I want you to look at the record, and perhaps consider subscribing to Business 2.0, in case you are not a subscriber. Actually every subscription from GigaOM readers puts $2 in my pocket, and perhaps it would be one way to accumulate dollars for my next computer – a Dual G5 Apple Desktop. The form for subscriptions is in the right column and hopefully you will sign-up. I hope these articles convince you….

* January/February 2004 12 Hot Start-Ups
* April 2004 Do This Get Rich
* April 2004 How the Smallest Survive: The little guy in a commodity business, Rackspace hits ‘em where they’re most vulnerable: Service.
* May 2004 The 22-Karat PC: Voodoo’s high-end personal computers deliver gold-plated profit margins by focusing on gamers.
* July 2004 The New Land of Opportunity
* August 2004 McProgrammers Rajendra Pawar created a global chain of computer schools that churns out low-cost techies for call centers and software farms. That has made him a fortune — and a folk hero.
* September 2004 Seven New Technologies That Change Everything
* September 2004 Why Unwanted TVs Mean Cheaper Cell Phones: LCD TVs are selling slow, which keeps LCD prices low.
* September 2004 King of the Road: Scott Kriens of Juniper Networks makes the gear that keeps Internet traffic flowing — and he sees nothing but clear highway ahead.
* October 2004 The New Road to Riches How to get ahead? Build a company cheap. Flip it fast. Repeat.
* November 2004 Microsoft’s Worst Nightmare: Firefox has 8 million users. But it could hurt Microsoft far worse than the loss of a little Explorer market share.
* December 2004 Escape From Silicon Valley: Broadband is inspiring refugees from tech’s meccas to build businesses where the living is easy and startup costs are low.
* December 2004 Home Entertainment To Go
* December 2004 The Office Phone Meets P2P


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