Forbes ‘Wishes’ for a Video iPod


Arik Hesseldahl’s (of Forbes) 2005 wishlist includes a video iPod. Those who’ve followed Steve closely (what Mac Fanatic has not?) know that he’s already said he doesn’t see the iPod video product as feasible. I suppose that could be debated, but I agree with the thinking that I’m not about to watch a 2 hour movie on a 2″ screen.

However, Arik is taking it a step further and would like to see the iPod Video as a medium for storing video and outputting it through your TV. Add to it an iTMS for TV & Movies, RSS feeds of Video, etc, etc. The idea as a whole has some merit.

But the iPod as video storage for your TV? Technically it’s already possible, albeit for your computer. I ripped some of my own DVDs and placed them on my 30gb iPod for a trip a few months back. Instead of carrying the DVDs with me, they were all loaded right onto my iPod, which I was carrying with me anyway. Not a bad idea right…?

In hindsight, probably not the best idea. You see, the iPod is a metal casing for a tiny hard drive, and has no venting whatsoever. Watching Minority Report, ‘streamed’ from my iPod to my Powerbook nearly baked my iPod into oblivion. I promptly took to temporarily copying my ripped movies to my Powerbook, and saved the iPod from dying a horrible (burning) death. (also, the iPod really drained the Powerbook’s battery while watching Minority Report) So really, the form factor would ahve to change drastically for this to work safely and well with your TV – oh, and plus, the TV would need to have whatever proprietary interface that Apple wanted to impose on the viewing end.

I don’t really see the iPod as a means of just storing your video for viewing solely on a separate device (maybe I’m being narrow-minded here). iPods are about portability. Taking x with you and enjoying it on the go. I agree that Apple could put out something fantastic in the realm of portable video, but I don’t think it’ll be the platform of the iPod. In my opinion, it’s just more of a stretch than Apple’s been known to make.

As an aside, related somewhat to this topic, read Mark Cuban’s blog post about “HDTV, DVD, Hard Drives and the future”. Terrific ideas and insight.

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