Firefox, Thunderbird and now Sunbird


Calendar_modern_multiweekFirefox has garnered accolades and huge download numbers as the number of people adopting the capable browser is growing every day.  It has been amazing to watch the growth of Firefox and according to my browser stats for this site up to 35% of all site visitors are using Firefox.  This is nothing short of phenomenal.  A few weeks back the Thunderbird email partner to Firefox was released and it is getting a lot of attention too.  I know of a number of people who are attempting to use this for their primary email client so they can shed Outlook.  But if they do drop Outlook they lose the calendaring and task management that they get with Outlook.  Or do they?

The Sunbird Calendar team has a development build of the open program available for download from the project site.  In addition to the program download you will find up to the minute information about the project development and a complete roadmap.  There are lots of screenshots of Sunbird which show it to be a promising program.  So who knows, maybe soon you can use totally free alternatives to provide your browsing, calendar and email needs.

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