The Big Future of IBM’s Power Chips


CNet interviewed Karl Freund, vice president of IBM eServer pSeries to find out what’s upcoming from IBM in 2005. While the focus is on IBM’s work, there’s the obvious relationship with Apple, and therefore the benefits that may be in store for Apple Computer users.

Most notable is the “partitioning” technology used in higher-end Power4 and Power5 chips. (Partitioning allows multiple OS’s to be run simultaneously.) IBM is seeking to provide this technology at a lower price point, that would allow, say, Apple Computers to run this technology.

“[A chip with partitioning] allows a computer to handle more jobs at the same time and to be used more efficiently.”

So perhaps the days of VirtualPC are numbered…
No mention of when in 2005 we may start seeing this technology trickling down.

There’s also note of possibly seeing something along the lines of Dual Core Chips. These CPUs would pack 2 processors into a single silicon chip to increase the power output, while saving on size/space.

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