p’Ink for annotating pictures on a Tablet


PinkI have always wanted to easily add ink annotations to photos and images for sending to someone else.  A new program promises to make this an easy task and even produces slide shows of your annotated pics.  p’Ink is a program for the Tablet PC that offers a lot of features:

p’Ink 1.0 is an innovative Software to annotate pictures with handwriting text and drawings on a Tablet PC. Finally, you can easily use your Tablet PC to create annotations on your digital pictures. There’s no need to create komplex databases that work only on your PC, all information is stored hidden inside the pictures.

  • New! Exchange your annotated pictures by CD/DVD or eMail.
  • New! Send your annotated pictures directly from inside P’Ink accessing your Address Book.
  • New! Search all your pictures for your text annotations (sequential scan).
  • New! Integrate P’Ink with MS Indexing Service for fast search & retrieval even with huge sets of images.

Have an unlimited number of annotations per picture. Annotations are stored with author and timestamp information

  • New! Create annotated self running slideshows for friends and family.
  • New! send your personalized email postcards using p’Inks postcard functionality.
  • New! 100% Ink support for your annotations.
  • New! Tablet PC OCR for your text annotations.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows Tablet PC Edition 2004 XPSP2 / Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005
  • 20MB free space on your harddrive

(via Tablet PC Post)

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