MindManager and the Sony U-70

I have been excited the last couple of days as the great folks at MindJet have been cooperating with me on a review of their great program MindManager X5.  MindManager is a fantastic mind mapping program with a really nice implementation of inking for the Tablet PC.  Unfortunately, what I have discovered is that inking in MindManager does not work on the Sony U-70.  It is most likely due to the Sony having a passive digitizer instead of an active one.  Most readers are probably aware I have installed the Tablet OS 2005 on the Sony and it has been wonderful.  All of the MS Tablet programs like Windows Journal work flawlessly on the Sony andI have also tried a bunch of Tablet-enabled programs that work perfectly on the Sony.  I am puzzled why MindManager doesn’t work but I do not fault MindJet for that since it is a hardware configuration they have never seen before.  In any event, now I’m bummed out as I was really looking forward to putting MindManager through its paces.  :(


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