Canadian Videotron to go VoIP

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Mark Evans: “Videotron is expected to jump into the Internet telephony market soon, which would make it the first Canadian cable company to offer the fast-emerging service. There is strong speculation Videotron, the country’s third-largest cable company, with 1.45 million customers, could launch its service as early as Jan. 1. This will put the company into the telephony market ahead of peers like Rogers Communications Inc. and Shaw Communications Inc., which plan to unveil telephony service by the middle of next year. Videotron expects to spend $80-million over the next four years on fixed capital costs to support its telephony plans. It estimates the average acquisition cost per customer will be $250.” Great to see VoIP getting jump started North of the border.

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Hi there,
i was a videotron customer back in 2002; i was offered to subscribe to some kind of telephone service over my cable subscription. I made the conclusion that it was VoIP. So nothing new about that. Am i wrong ?

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