Google Scroogle?


Silicon Valley bashes are back. Our friends at Silicon Beat tell us that VCs and others are splurging on their big bashes.

The Woodside Fund brought out the big wines, Duckhorn and Caymus. Doll Capital Management, fresh from its hit with Chinese job site, 51Job, rented out the grand Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, offering an open bar and lavish food. Not to be outdone, Mayfield rented out the Computer History Museum last night, serving equally quality nosh.

But no event made as much news as Google’s big holiday bash. Here are some photos! San Francisco Chronicle has a nice report on this event.

Google’s holiday party this year was held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, and while plans were made to crash it, no actual infiltration was attempted. Well, it was a tiki nightmare. There were bouncy castles, video games and Caribbean bands. Lots of random hula dancers and bongo players.

C/Net adds,

Googlers and their guests were also offered grass skirts, tiki beads, henna tattoos and bindi facial jewelry as they grazed on buffets of sushi and Polynesian food.

They even had an off-the-record party for Silicon Valley hacks. Now with all the money in the world, a successful IPO and a stock that doesn’t know gravity, it is a good reason for Sergey and Larry to treat the troops to a good time. However, you needed to be a full time employee to enjoy the good fortune and festivities. If you are a Google contractor – sorry, you had to stay behind the velvet rope. Now I think for a company this flush, it is tacky to treat part-timers and contractors as “children of lesser god.” My grandfather used to say, the richer you become, more cold hearted you become. I hope the company that has “don’t be evil” as their motto doesn’t play Scroogle next Christmas for its part timers and contractors. I know at the end of it all, you are all good people!


Sanjeev Pai

I tried posting a trackback entry for your post but failed to do so. Can you provide instructions on tracking back to your posts?

Google’s decision to bar contractors must be related to the 1992 case against Microsoft by its permatemps. I have made note of the issue in my blog at the link associated with my user name on this comment.

Due credit has been given to your blog with a link to you.

Sanjeev Pai aka Texan Desi


Actually you do bring up a point as far as HR/Lawyers/Employee status is concerned. I checked with a couple of other cos. and they said they contractors were allowed in

Henrik Torstensson

With regards to contractors, I’d guess that them being kept out to some extent has do with Google being afraid of them being labled employees than being cheap. Even though it looks Scrooge-like, it might just be HR and the lawyers trying to protect Google from lawsuits.

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