Another great Electrovaya Scribbler SC2100 review


Sc21001_1Hot on the heels of the Tablet PC Buzz review, TabletPC2 has published a thorough review of the Electrovaya Scribbler SC2100 Tablet PC.  The impressive thing about all Electrovaya products is the long battery life and the reviewer got an amazing 5 hours 8 minutes with all powersaving turned off.  Check out the complete review for more details.

The Pros:

5 hour + battery life
Designed with end user in mind
Cover-Stand-Keyboard-Touch Pad comes in handy for those on the move
Integrated Bluetooth for wireless connectivity to peripherals
The best stand I have seen included with any Tablet PC.

The Cons:

Heavier than most slate Tablet PC’s
Keyboard cover can only be used in landscape mode
keyboard does not attach to back of unit when not in use
Optical drive must be purchase separately
Pen placement at bottom of tablet rather than the top means you have to remove it

(via WhatIsNew)

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