The MasterList if you are project oriented

I am trying a task management system, The MasterList, that is project-centric.  My work revolves around specific projects more so than just isolated tasks and after reading about The MasterList on Tablet PC Buzz I decided to try it out.  It is a very interesting program, that’s for sure.  It is not entirely intuitive but once you get rolling it works very well.  There’s a demo version available if you want to check it out.  When I get further into the program I will post some impressions of how easy the program is to use.  The main down side I see at this point is that it uses its own database and thus doesn’t integrate with Outlook in real time. It does offer two-way syncing so this might not be a problem but we’ll see.  It also is not ink aware, although it works fine with the TIP so that’s not that big a problem.  Here’s a screen shot from the program before I input any data:



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