Skype from Outlook with what else, Outlook Skype


Just saw this on KCTs Digital World– Outlook Skype is a utility that adds Skype functionality to Outlook so you can make Skype and SkypeOut calls directly from your contacts in Outlook.  Outlook Skype can also be set to automatically log your Skype calls to the Outlook Journal.  Very cool utility and only $25 for a personal license.



Paul Andrews

A new Skype plugin released this week – Skylook – takes Outlook and Skype integration to a new level. In addition to the basic contact integration features provided by existing plugins, Skylook adds some deeper Outlook integration to Skype.

Skylook shows you which of your contacts in on-line in the Outlook toolbar and provides options to review contact details and review previous communications with the contact. Skylook also records all voice calls (as MP3) and text chats to a special Outlook folder.

The idea behind Skylook is that Outlook manages emails very well. You can organize them, search on them, archive them in many ways. Why not provide the same capabilities to Skype conversations?

A free trial of Skylook is available from

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