Half Life 2 killed my laptop video?


I have a Compaq laptop with a 15.4" widescreen.  This laptop is great for gaming and since getting the Sony U-70 it is all I use the laptop for.  I have encountered a weird problem that I think is related to Half Life 2 and I thought I would run it past you and see if anyone has any ideas what could cause this.

Until a month or so ago I was playing both Doom 3 and Halo (the first one) on this laptop with no problems.  Then Half Life 2 came out and I played it all the way through and it looked just a great as the other two games.  Now that I’ve finished HL2 I have tried going back to both Halo and Doom 3 and find that the video quality in both games sucks.  I mean, it’s virtually unplayable as if the video quality settings are at the minimum.  In game lighting is particularly affected.  It is a real mystery as nothing (other than Windows Updates) have been installed since HL2.  Anybody got any ideas?  Has anybody seen any mention of problems caused by installing Half Life 2?


Himanshu Swami

You might want to check for dust build-up on the heat sinks, around the fan blowers, and the vents in your laptop – may require opening it up. Heat and dust build-up is the leading cause of laptop performance degradation. For starters, just get one of those pressurized air cans and use it to blow into any open vents – see if that makes any difference. Make sure your laptop is turned off before you do this.


Well, reinstalling the video drivers has fixed Doom3’s problems but Halo still looks like c**p. So, I will try reinstalling Halo to see how that works. I’m also going to try running HL2 to see if these changes has wrecked its setup.


I suspect that HL2 updated directx without me realizing it. I am currently reinstalling the good video drivers and will see how that goes. Then I will address directx. Thanks!


Sounds like maybe windows tried to update your drivers w/o your permission? I run Avid editing software and everything keept going down for awhile. Ended up that windows kept upgrading the computer past the older “certified drivers”. I would make sure that autoupdate is turned off, reinstall your video drivers, and if that fails try to reinstall direct X. Also do half-life 2 and doom both use different versions of direct X? Maybe HL2 updated direct X up .1 or something and it freaked your old games out.

Let us know how you figure it out. Great Site!

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