Verizon’s EV-DO Pocket PC


Xv6600Verizon is releasing a new Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition PDA in January and it looks like it can use the carrier’s new 3G high speed network, EV-DO.  The nice looking device is the XV6600 and boasts 128 MB of RAM, 64 MB of Flash ROM and Bluetooth.  WiFi can be added via the SDIO slot and text entry is easy with the integrated keyboard that slides out from the unit.  The XV6600 is backwards compatible with Verizon’s 1xRTT for consumers who live outside the current EV-DO coverage area.  The phone is $550 with a 2 year contract.  If it had a VGA screen it would be darn near perfect.

(via WindowsForDevices)



we had this phone three times and it keeps braking i want to fix it for myself but all the memmory is erased

James Arnold

I use this phone (not 3g) on the network in Europe/US, with service for exchange servers via GPRS and Wifi so there is no need to sync via the cradle as all data contacts, calendar etc are pushed over the air. This is an excellent all round product. Heavy email users should definitely consider it as superior alternative to other push email devices.

The keyboard takes a couple of days to get used to, the camera could be a little better, and it uses the battery relatively quickly on wifi.

If anyone is interested, I had mine setup for goodlink by

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