4 Responses to “Lou Reed and all is well”

  1. About a year ago I bought an original poster from the launch of RARA on eBay. I’d been searching for it for YEARS. It’s basically the full body shot of Lou from the album cover my Mick Rock. I had it framed and it hangs on my living room wall. It inspires me every time I see it. You’re right, it is THE live rock album and so much more. It practically invented punk. Ever seen the video from that tour? There’s a few short clips on the “Lou Reed Rock And Roll Heart” dvd. Lou was bitchin cool. Strode out on stage, no guitar, dressed in black leather pants, sleeveless black shirt and dog collar, after Dick and Steve’s intro, and just snarls into the mic “Standing on the corner…”. Sadly, Lou is rumoured to “hate” the album. Some say he hates that the music “over-shadows” his lyrics. I say… balls. It doesn’t over-shadow the music. The music completes his lyrics.

  2. Wow, that is awesome! He seems like a great guy indeed. You are correct in your comments on RR Animal. Everytime I hear the Intro to Sweet Jane off that live album it not only takes me back to that point in time but it is also such a timeless work. It is still great today and in fact the other day I was in a Starbucks using the WiFi and this song was played in the store. Seems it is on one of their compilation CDs. Now that’s timeless. Thanks for sharing your comments.

    You know, what’s amazing about this whole album is how easy it is to forget it’s a LIVE album. It is rare to get such studio quality cuts off a live album like this. Lou Reed, Dick Wagner, and the others, I salute you.