It’s a computer that gets me

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You hear the phrase "gets it" a lot when people talk about Tablet PCs.  As in, so and so "gets it" when they say something profound about how inking and the Tablet make life easier.  I had this turned around on me today by my 82 year old mom.

Mom has no clue what I do or how I do it other than I "work with computers".  She has never touched a computer nor had any desire to do so as they are for those who have been properly trained, and she hasn’t.  Today I was sitting at her kitchen table helping her do something and I was using my little Tablet PC.

Mom:  Is that a computer?

Me:  Yes. It’s a Tablet PC.

Mom:  Like a Big Chief tablet?

Me: Well, I guess you could say that but it’s also a computer.

Mom:  You’re writing right on the screen.

Me:  Yes, Mom, this is what makes a Tablet PC so special- you can write on it and it understands.

Mom:  So I guess you could say it "gets" what you are doing.

Me:  I love you Mom.

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