Fabric keyboard and joystick coming


Fabrickeybdbt Eleksen is a firm that has previously released a fabric keyboard for an Orange phone and  for Palm handhelds.  The keyboard is made of force-sensing fabric and aims to provide a small and light mobile keyboard.  The firm is now set to release a Bluetooth fabric keyboard and joystick early next year.  Bluetooth capability will give the keyboard the ability to work with many different devices and not be tied to any one manufacturer’s device.

According to a spokersperson the keyboard can be reconfigured as a writing pad making it perfect for Asian markets.  No word on pricing and I could not find a picture of the joystick.  I wonder what cycle you use in the washer to clean this beauty?

(ElectronicsWeekly via BlueSerker)



It was Logitech, you are correct. I don’t know how they will get the BT stuff in it. It will have to have the radio along with the batteries but who knows. What will be really interesting is how you make a fabric joystick.

Mike Cane

Was it Logitech who marketed this for the Palm series? At any rate, I did get to try this at a PC Expo a few years back and really, really liked it. But how in the world will a BT one be powered?! If it needs, say, two AAAs, that’d eliminate the lightness and foldability of it. Hmmmm…

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