Will Sky Cell help Skype?

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Oren Michels, one of the smart guys behind WiFinder.com sent me an email about the recent brouhaha about cell phones in the air. He thinks they “…are likely to be no big deal, since people who want to talk will just use VOIP over the new internet connections, as is already happening on Lufthansa. If onboard internet access becomes widespread before decent cellular coverage in airplanes (which likely needs an onboard repeater to be really effective), it may be a huge boon for the Skypes of the world, as people begin signing up for VOIP to do their airborne, and later ground based, conversations. And people will talk just as loud.” Hmmm, I guess folks at Verizon would not like that.

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Nice theory, doesn’t work in practice. I tried on Lufthansa’s Munich-L.A. run with Skype. The uplink speed is just too low to support the connection other than in a very garbled way. You can hear the other side just fine, though.

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