What I Want From an iPhone


Now that we have confirmation that Apple and Motorola are partnering on a phone, I think this is a good a time as any to start dreaming. My current phone is a Treo 210. It does the phone thing, and the PDA thing, but it does both quite badly. The phone isnt intuitive and hard to quickly acess, and the PDA is less than expandable. So, Here is what I want in an iPhone.

Must Haves:
– Fairly high-res color screen
– Multi band
– Good signal reception
– IM capability
– WAP capability
– Bluetooth
– Ability to sync with iCal or other scheduling apps.
Like to Haves:
– MP3 ringtones
– Good resolution camera
– QWERTY keypad

Yes, I know its a lot to ask, but not that far out there. We allready know that the iPhone will have Bluetooth, and is certain to have a nice color screen, but the others are up for grabs. What are you looking for in the iPhone?



don’t forget a nice loud ring… never again should you not be able to hear the phone just because it’s in your pocket :)


Since Apple is the “innovator”, I would like to see more then just a phone with a better interface and style. I would like to see Jobs shake up the whole boring cell phone industry just like he shook up the music business.
1) Set up their own service, buy the bandwidth wholesale or similar to the way one does with internet bandwidth.
2) Have better, clearer, simpler service plans.
3) Take it beyond just the cell phone, add WiFi for VoIP, and connectivity to your land line.
4) Have a multi-part ecosystem…
a) The phone itself.
b) A message center, a master program running on Mac/Windows that manages all your calls, numbers, answers your phone, etc. and ties into your landline or VoIP via your WiFi network.
c) An online store/service where you can buy ring tones, etc. but additionally, manage you account, etc.
If Apple just introduces just a phone, I really will be surprised. No matter how good, there just isn’t enough “wow” factor I don’t think. And, it doesn’t have that Jobs “thinking big” cache.

Tom Poston

I’m one of those people who doesn’t care much for cameras built into phones – I can see why some people like them but I would prefer my iPhone to focus on the phone and do that RIGHT.

In addition to what you listed, I’d like some nice subdued ringtones that are alternatives to songs, ditties, etc., and most importantly (to me!) I want the iPhone offered by Verizon Wireless so I can actually use it!

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