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RAZR Burn and OS-X Sync Hack

v3_cing.jpgThis evening on my way walked over to the Cingular store to take a look at the new Motorola RAZR, which is all the rage with hipsters and the likes of Gwen Stefani these days. Anyway no where to be found. As I booted up my email, I found three messages of people complaining about poor interface, increased incidence of dropped calls and general rancor. I pinged a few buddies in India who have had the phone for a while, and they also complained about a few dropped calls. I guess Motorola quality issues are still a bit of a problem. Marc, who is a might fine gentleman sent me a good tip this morning which got me started on the whole RAZR thing anyway. He has figured out a way to Sync it with OS-X.

The phonebook is somewhat primitive and synced with iSync but only by first names, no emails, and no Bluetooth for Syncing. I found a program for $10 called OnSync (Mac only). I think it sort of fools the RAZR into thinking its being used as a modem and then allows flawless syncing via bluetooth, e mails and all. I was somewhat impressed.

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  1. what the?! what are you talking about? I have the black V3 and it syncs fine with OSX 10.4. i didnt have to download anything. my built in bluetooth in my mac discovered my phone, and lived hapilly ever after. i think you’re on glue.

  2. globetrotter

    about how to get it be a modem is easy! i use tiger osx… basically just go into the bluetooth.. make a new account.. for apn i put the rogers apn and user name and password.. easy as pie!

  3. Okay i am trying to send files via the provided USB cable to my razr using my 500 MHz G4 (this is because I lack bluetooth.) I do not have 10.4, I have 10.3.9 installed. Does anyone have ideas of how to get files on there (not just adress book I mean everything ringtones, wallpaper, ect.) Because I can use isync but I want other files on there too.

  4. olaf Blackwood

    i am using the t-mobile version of the rzar
    cingular version does not enable you to use the video camera
    this is because of the difference in os setup
    on the t-mobile version you can video not long but you can video.
    as far reception what people should really think about is the network.frankly i believe that if you are with a good network you get good service i have had no trouble with my rzar
    people seem to be so much in awwww when they see my phone yes the interface sucks when you look at a samsung interface it just blows any motorola phone out the water
    hope this was helpful
    did i mention this is my fav phone ever ? :) it is

  5. Robert Ryan

    I have been using Cingular’s version of the Razr (V3) for abt 6 months and love it.

    – I have had no drop calls;
    – I can surf the web with my HP4155 (IPAQ) via bluetooth connection to Razr;
    – I bought a powerbookG4 running OSX-Tiger and have no problem with iSync via Bluetooth. all info in events and address book are sync’d in both directions.

    I have been reading a few forums on the Razr(V3) looking for information on getting my powerbook to use the Razr as a modem (which should work like my H4155) and have found that alot of people post negative comments about the Razr due to thier lack of knowledge about how to configure the phone. My sugestion to anyone thinking of buying or owns the Razr is to first read the users guide (you can find it online at motorola) and test for your self.

    The Razr is a great phone if that’s what you need. If you want a PDA this is not the phone for you (until the new version that has windowsMoible comes out). Enjoy your phone and if you have any information on getting osx-tiger to use razr as a modem, post it.

  6. I for the life of me cannot get my Palm Tungsten T3 to surf the net via my cingular V551. I can get it to tether to each other easily enough and send SMS messages and the like, but no web access. Has one set this up between the 2??

  7. Alex is correct. The RAZR as well as the MPX 220 have had the OS and interface altered and compromised by Cingular (I confirmed this with my Cingular rep). I apologize for giving the impression that it was the RAZR. So let me restate. If you have a Cingular branded RAZR and want to Sync email addresses and contacts sorted by last name you will need OnSync. iSync may only give you contacts by first name and without email addresses. Additionally Cingular left out some of the settings for the email set up and the level three techs are unaware of the problem and could not fix it.
    In E mail setup the ISP is GPRS but the GPRS settings were not entered by Cingular. You must enter them manually.
    APN: wap.cingular

  8. Let me add that in using the Razr for 6 weeks now I’ve gotten no dropped calls, better radio reception than my Pocket PC XDA II – and at least on par with my Nokia 3360, 3650, and 8290 phones.

    Now I’m using T-Mobile with a UK version of the phone – so its another reason to avoid Cingular in my opinion.

  9. Hm – I can’t see why these negative comments. Here is what I do know. The US Motorola Razr is missing some features of its OEM version. I am using the UK version purchased from Expansys-USA and have found that iSync syncs emails, all phone numbers, etc.. I personally have found zero use of OnSync. iSync works perfectly. So don’t go and blame Motorola – blame Cingular for fitzing with a good thing and screwing it up.

  10. I also checked out the RAZR, and ended up buying the Moto V551 on Cingular. It doesn’t have the same “cool” factor, but it has just about every cell phone feature possible, is a 4-band GSM worldphone (and I’ve already roamed in Europe with it), and the battery seem to last forever between charges. Cingular was also nice enough to sell it unlocked, and I’ve tested it with both Vodaphone and Orange SIMs – they worked fine. If you JUST want a cell phone that’ll work around the world, I recommend this one.

  11. Jesse Kopelman

    ” . . . complaining about poor interface . . .”

    Never heard of a Moto phone with a good one. They owe their survival in the handset biz solely to attractive physical design.