jkOnTheRun Podcast?

I have been kicking around the notion of starting a jkOnTheRun Podcast with my good buddy Kevin Tofel and we are trying to come up with a format that listeners will find useful.  No point in making one just to make one, and unfortunately if you have listened to very many Podcasts you know that some of them sound like just that.  The Podcast would be about mobile technology, computer software, and just about anything else that listeners might find interesting.  It seems appropriate that since a Podcast is really for the listeners and not the ‘casters that it would be a good idea to solicit feedback on what you would like to hear. 

There are many ways this could play out (pun intended) so chime in with any ideas you have.  A lot of Podcasts do current topics in the tech world and give little snippets of information about each one, kind of like an audio blog.  This could be a viable format but we could also do more in-depth analysis about gadgets or software that are in the news.  You tell us what you would most like to hear.  We can also answer questions called in via Skype.  The sky’s the limit.  We’d also like to hear how long a show you think is just right.  Some Podcasts run an hour, some a half hour, etc.  What do you have time to listen to?

So drop a comment and tell us what you think.  Are you even interested in a jkOTR Podcast?  We’re completely open to your suggestions.  Also, if anyone would like to contribute some non-RIAA background music drop me an email.  And of course, anyone who would like to sponsor a jkOTR Podcast should also get in contact with me.  We’re waiting to hear from you.


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