Apple/Motorola iTunes Phone Confirmed


Apple has confirmed that it is working with motorola on what it says will be not just a phone with some version of iTunes, but a proper “accessory” to your iPod. The phone will have built in Bluetooth, and retail for around $250-$300.



I’m hoping it’s a complete system/platform…
iPhone (iPod)…the hardware
iMessage (iTunes)…handles all your telco…cell/land/VoIP
Give us more then just an iPod accessory/phone Steve :-)


1. the flash ipod is no longer a rumor, apple has confirmed that as well.
2. no link. if you want to hear other people say the same thing as i did, use google.

nick santilli


so I wonder if this Apple Cell Phone will be the ‘screen’ for the rumored flash iPod…? Bluetooth would allow the 2 to communicate wirelessly, and save space on the flash iPod by iomitting the screen.

I don’t know, sounds like Apple style – i’m sure they’ve got other ideas worked-out that I’ve not even stopped to think about yet.

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