Yahoo Video Search Beta


Interesting, …. Anyway try it out and and ask yourself this question…. though what am I looking for



I think the Yahoo video search is very poor. You’re right it just looks like the basic google image search. It seems to be just looking for the name of a Jpeg, not the content. Had a quick look at the Very impressed with the look of it. From what I have read, the technology actually analyzes hours and hours of video footage to bring you exact clips. Will have a play with this. Any thoughts Om?


Interesting, just been playing with It searches video, radio and T.V. It has a smart folder, which means you could download clips at night to watch next day. Just saw a very positive review in the Wall Street Journal. The article says that blinkx have indexed about 42,000 hours of video.

Adam Fritzler

That isn’t really a video search, no more than Google Image search is an image search. They search for the words that link to (or around) the images, which isn’t usually all that useful.

The technology isn’t there yet to have real versions of either of these. A real visual search would generate useful replies to queries like “find me a picture of an orange” by recognizing what an orange looks like, not returning GIFs that were linked to with the word “orange”.

All that said, I don’t think there is enough video on the web for a video search to be real interesting.

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