The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: FCC


FCC has given a go ahead for companies to start offering broadband wireless access while flying. Which means, you can’t tell your boss that “I didn’t have Internet Access because I was flying and that’s why I did not get email.” (This entails more spectrum auctions and allocating special bands etc. Details!)This was the good news. In the bad news section, FCC tells AT&T, MCI and others: build your own local networks or pay more to the Bells. In other words, Tony Soprano gets the backing of FBI. The ugly – FCC is thinking about making it legal to make cell phone calls while in the air. Oh lord… those people who talk loudly when sitting in a bus, in a bar or in Starbucks will now be chatting about nothing in the air and ruining your sleep on the Red Eye. Oh my god …

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