I need your help!

I really did not want to do this but I have no choice.  You may not know but I have been an independent consultant for two years (not in the IT industry).  In 2003 and early 2004 I did a lot of work for a client who has not paid me.  This client owes me tens of thousands of dollars and I have been working with him to get paid.  This situation has put me in a tenable financial position for the past few months but after getting an agreement to get paid this week I thought we would be able to pull out of this hole.  Yesterday I was informed through his attorney he couldn’t / wouldn’t pay me and I would have to sue him to get the compensation I am owed for work done on his client’s behalf.  This has left me in an extremely bad situation especially at this time of year.  I was so certain I would finally get paid by this company that this news has hit me in the gut.

After a sleepless night considering my options I am asking readers who enjoy what I do here (at my own expense) if you can please contribute something.  If you can contribute anything at all it will help.  You can make a donation through the PayPal button at the upper right of any page on the site. Thank you.


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