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I really did not want to do this but I have no choice.  You may not know but I have been an independent consultant for two years (not in the IT industry).  In 2003 and early 2004 I did a lot of work for a client who has not paid me.  This client owes me tens of thousands of dollars and I have been working with him to get paid.  This situation has put me in a tenable financial position for the past few months but after getting an agreement to get paid this week I thought we would be able to pull out of this hole.  Yesterday I was informed through his attorney he couldn’t / wouldn’t pay me and I would have to sue him to get the compensation I am owed for work done on his client’s behalf.  This has left me in an extremely bad situation especially at this time of year.  I was so certain I would finally get paid by this company that this news has hit me in the gut.

After a sleepless night considering my options I am asking readers who enjoy what I do here (at my own expense) if you can please contribute something.  If you can contribute anything at all it will help.  You can make a donation through the PayPal button at the upper right of any page on the site. Thank you.



Well? Its 2009. How’d it go? Did you get satisfaction from the b****** that cheated you? Did you get paid? How are you doing now?

NOT a long time reader, just surfing through.


JK – That stinks out loud! I just sent a little bit through to help out…Wish it was more! As you know, I am an independent contractor too….I just picked up two separate contracts that will take me through till Mid ’05 (and potentially longer)…but I’ve been “on the bench” since March of this year… I don’t know what’s worse… Not finding work and wondering if you will ever get paid again…or Working your butt off and everything is going smooth and then “BAM!” the client drops a Load of Sh*% on you…(as in your case) :(

Now that I think about it….your scenario is much worse…because you make plans and live life based on your client living up to their end of the contract. At least in my case, I planned ahead for time “on the bench”.

I hope things turn around soon!

Mike Cane

What the gruesome self-righteous Anon is missing in his screed is the point: JK is being *cheated* out of money he *labored* for. This is no handout. This is no self-indulgence. Whatever he owns, he probably bought on credit, relying on his client do to what he was *supposed* to do: give him *money* for the time and IQ he expended on the client’s behalf.

Kevin C. Tofel

James, I’ll be passing along some support as previously discussed. You provide a tremendous value to thousands of people every day and there’s nothing wrong with people returning something of value if possible.

It’s a shame some people feel the need to try and rationalize away a problem that they don’t own; clearly I’m talking about the cowardly anonymous post above. It’s all too easy to name call and berate until you find yourself in a similar situation. If that person is in a similar situation and is dealing with it in a different way, that doesn’t make it better or worse than your way, it just makes it different.

For what it’s worth James, I find your way to be forthcoming and honest which is worth my respect and support.



Spare me. You have enough money to buy multiple computers, tons of software (including a full MSDN subscription), and hardware gadgets galore, yet you feel the need to solicit donations to mitigate your legal woes during the very heart of the holiday season? Why don’t you do what everyone else in your situation would do – get some more website sponsorship, and bite the bullet by selling some of your precious gear. I too am a writer, as well as a consultant, yet for some reason I don’t require multiple redundant setups to conduct my business. (It’s also time to admit that being a technology enthusiast is an expensive hobby, and sometimes people overextend themselves.)

Subagio Rasidi Kusrini (etoy)

Sorry to hear about your problem!
The donation is not much, I hope it could help you a little.
I enjoy your article, because on jkontherun I can read about the everyday use of new gadgets.


Thanks everybody who has contributed. It means so much to me and my family. I can’t tell you how much having to do this sucks. I feel like one of those guys on the intersection holding a sign. But you folks really make me feel good about people. Thank you.


Just sent something through Paypal also.

I like you dude.

Let us know if you need more.

Jeremy C. Wright

Just sent you everything in my PayPal account. It’s not much, at all, sorry. However, if you’re still interested I thought of you for a blogging gig opening up in February. Drop me an email and we can chat about it. I know it doesn’t help you now, but still.

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