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Tormenting Bit Torrent

Wired News: Hollywood wants Bit Torrent dead, and has launched action again website owners who help connect people to movies on two major peer-to-peer filesharing networks. In the United States, the Motion Picture Association of America, the main lobbying arm of American film studios, is going after torrent and eDonkey tracker sites. Hollywood, purveyor of really bad movies has got its head so up its fake-tanned ass, doesn’t seem to understand that people want to download movies, and unless there is something legitimate, this will continue. How about just working on making a legal option available. ITunes changed our conceptions about illegal music downloads; it can happen with movies. Steve Jobs, where are thou!

2 Responses to “Tormenting Bit Torrent”

  1. Apple will be selling movie downloads when Jobs can negotiate an appropriate DRM with them. Jobs promised Apple would be in the top 10 web businesses in the future. The studio heards are displaying just how much imagination they have…sort of like the Admirals that adopted NT as their fleet OS. I feel much more secure knowing that no matter where they are they can download the latest security patch!