MSN Desktop Search

OK, I decided to wait until I had a chance to play with it for a day before posting about MSN Desktop Search, especially since it has been posted on about 10,000 web sites.  I loaded it up yesterday morning and let it set off indexing my whole system (not just the default Outlook and My Docs stuff) first thing.  It took two hours which was no fun.  I had to let it just index everything in one go since my system is a mobile device (Sony U) and I didn’t want indexing to be firing up and down all day while I was on battery.  It was slllooooooowww.

Once all my info was indexed I played with it off and on and it is pretty impressive.  The search options and windows look good and are very easy to work with.  It is easily the most attractive of all the search programs out there.  I did have two problems that got on my nerves, one I could live with (for a while) and one I couldn’t.  Every time I open Outlook it has to index all the new email that is downloaded upon program start and that causes an annoying delay before I could get productive.  Not a killer but grating.  The second problem is the killer for me and the reason I just removed it from my system.  Something MSN Search is doing interferes with the suspend in Windows XP.  I use my device all day on battery power and suspend and resume all day.  Three times my Sony wouldn’t suspend, requiring a complete reboot to get suspend back.  Three times I had to wait forever for WinXP to reboot.  And rebooting is so hard on the battery. 

I am going to keep my eye on MSN Desktop Search for future versions as I am sure Microsoft will address these problems eventually.  Meanwhile I am quite happy using my favorite search tool, Copernic Desktop Search.


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