Verizon (maybe) will bid for Sprint

MobileTracker points to a Wall Street Journal story which says that Verizon has gotten a thumbs up from partner, Vodafone to make a hostile bid for Sprint. If it happens the deal could make combined Sprint-Verizon the largest mobile carrier in the US with 65 million customers. The two use the CDMA technology and have laid out aggressive paths for an EV-DO upgrade. The Journal says that the deal is not going to pass the regulatory muster. I have a feeling Verizon is trying to slow down the deal between Sprint and Nextel, more than anything. But as they say, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. If Sprint and Verizon hook-up, Nextel’s only partner would be T-Mobile, which means by doing nothing, T-Mobile might actually be in a good spot.


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