The G6 Title Might Get the Cold Shoulder


According to MacDailyNews, Apple isn’t real sure what it wants to do about the next line of computers they kick out. The obvious progression would be to name them “G6” but, General Motor’s has a new car out kindly named the Pontiac G6 and they are more concerned with legal issues as opposed to competition.

My thoughts are that General Motor’s sells cars, Apple sells computers. There’s no competition. General Motor’s doesn’t make computers and Apple doesn’t make cars. Yamaha is the only company I know of that has put their foot in practically every type of product (musical instruments, dirt bikes, lawn mowers, washing machines, etc. etc.).

So, my vote goes for keeping the “G6” name.



As Macromedia did with using MX instead of V10, Apple could also go with something totally different.

Maybe the Kryptonite chip :)


this seems like a non-problem.

the apple g5 name collided with the canon powershot g5 and the world didn’t end.

nick santilli

By the time Apple/IBM get around to releasing a G6 chip, the Pontiac G6 won’t be new news.

I suppose it could go something like this though…
[Hmmmm, wow! A G6 for only $2000?! Crap, it’s an Apple not a Pontiac.]

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