iTunes Now Accepts Paypal


Ever want to buy songs off of the iTunes Music Store, but you don’t have a credit card? On Friday, Apple began accepting Paypal as a meathod of payment for its music store, good news for those with checking accounts but not credit cards. Also, Apple will be giving away 5 free songs to the first 500,000 customers to open a new iTunes account in the U.S. using PayPal as their form of payment. That promotion runs through March 31, 2005, or until 500,000 cutomers sign up, whichever is first.


Dazed NConfused

I wish that they would be able to use paypal for itunes soon. You can use is in the U.S. but not here yet :p not fair. When will it be possible. I love paying for everything with paypal…..


I always have spare cash in paypal, but not on the credit card :-S I’ve love to be able to buy stuff for my ipod touch using paypal (I’m in Canada)


I sure hope iTunes payment by Paypal comes to Canada soon, it’s the only way I can make an account.


Ya, it’s not that hard to make it available for Canada too, and why can’t we download Tv Shows if we live in Canada. Selfish.


Can we use paypal to pay for songs in Canada? If not…will we be able to soon???

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