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Ok, it seems that you all have a lot to say about iEmulator. But, since we are all busy, Im just going to sum up all of your comments. Most of the feedback Ive received is saying that while the 30 dollar price point is great, the software its self is only worth about that. It is apparently quite slow, slow enought to make one thing twice about buying it. It appears that there are some hardware compatibility issues, and the interface design can get in the way of other things you might be doing on your mac. So, lets make this the official post for comments about the Pros and Cons of iEmulator. I would, of course, be happy to test drive this peice of software….but I have no money.



I haven’t had an issue getting updates; I was one of the early adopters of iEmulator, and whenever there’s been an update I’ve received an email and have been able to download the update without problems.

And Brad, I’ve used Windows 2000 on my dual 2.0 PM G5 as well as my MacBook. Yeah, it took a while to install on the G5, but it runs well. On the MacBook it flies!

Overall I’m quite satisfied with iEmulator and the iEmulator folks. A good price, great documentation and fantastic service.


When I purchased iEmulator, the site claimed that one payment included all further upgrades, forever. That was version 1.78.
When the next version came out, ver. 1.79, I could not find a way to download it without having to pay for it again before I could download it. There is no longer any “support” tab on their homepage with this new version, either. In fact I couldn’t find a contact address for it so that I could explain the problem to them. Version 1.78, by the way , never properly installed any system windows or linux.

Brad Stewart

Why didn’t I Google this useless app before buying it? After an hour of the “discovering devices” stage of the Win2K install, my G5 actually blew the circut breaker in my apartment. I want my money back.

nick santilli

sounds like someone just wasn’t patient enough. ;)

well, as they’ve said, emulators are slow.
funny that for about the cost of Virtual PC 7, you could practically buy a barebones pc system and have the full speed to run whatever pc app you need.
Obviously for powerbook users, this may not be the point, but it could be something to think about if you really need to run Windows for something.


I tried it, and wanted to install WinXP Professional on my 800Mhz iBook.
Well, it took more that 24 hours, then I decided that it was time to let the cpu fan take a break.
Maybe on faster macs…

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