Homemade iPod ad drawing rave reviews


George Masters is a school teacher who has set marketing industry tongues wagging with his 60 second iPod ad.  Wired has now picked it up and and if you haven’t seen it you should have a look (link to the video on the Wired site).  If Apple does not pick this up they are crazy.  From Wired:

"It shows great advertising principles," said Gary Stein, a marketing analyst with Jupiter Research. "He’s computer-literate, but he’s also literate in the language of advertising…. You could take this thing and put it on MTV this afternoon. It’s not only good, it’s good advertising. People go to college to learn this. He just gets it."



I think you’re right on James. OEMs have been doing this for years in the Tablet PC and PDA market segments. They do very little advertising and sit back and let the enthusiasts sell the product for them. This ad pushes that to a whole new level. Oh, BTW, don’t blame me for your purchase. I already have a lot of wives hating me and they’ve never even met me. :)

James Young

This ad exposes the ease of media creation (especially how easy it is to do effects) but underscores something bigger . . . something that you alluded to in a previous post regarding bloggers. These “alpha” bloggers are actually the new advertisers. They are the opinion leaders of their communities. They influence taste and product selection (I have to thank you and your post on putting the Tablet OS on the Sony handheld for having to explain a recent purchase to my wife). Welcome to dawn of the . . . adversumer.

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