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Independent UK: Cybersky, scheduled to start in a month or so, aims to do for television what already applies to music and video – establish a peer 2 peer network that allows television shows to be downloaded free from the internet. “The concept has alarmed Germany’s established TV companies, and is likely to concern other broadcasters around the world. Media analysts are expecting a new round of legal action similar to the high-level intensity of opposition to the Napster operation,” writes the Independent.


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The last “hot” thing is Peer-to-Peer online TV. Thats is, sharing a TV channel (any channel you may receive) with other internet users.

The current initiatives (like Cybersky, Coolstreaming, DTV / Broadcast Machine from Participatory Culture and Kedora) are listed on this site.

This site also hase more links to real time and on demand video channels.

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Ken Westmoreland

There’s something called UK Nova, which allows people to upload and download stuff from the BBC, ITV Channel 4 and five.

Cybersky seems to allow people to watch live TV, which would be useful for sporting events, although pre-recorded stuff is preferable for those living in different time zones.

Jonathan Greene

I had actually heard there’s a system in place like this already in Korea. It allows for show sharing and streaming… P2P VOD. I don’t have more detail for you unfortunately…

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