Free Skweezer for PDA browsing


Greenlight Wireless announced a free version of their Skweezer portal for PDA web browsing today.  Skweezer is perfect for browsing on PDAs and smartphones with limited screen real estate and the basic version of the service is now free.  Sign up is required.


(via Pocket PC Addict)


Barnabas Kendall

Thanks for the link, we do appreciate it. Just a quick clarification, however: basic Skweezer functionality does not require sign up any more (it used to). You can browse completely anonymously if you like. This is also handy for devices that don’t retain cookies after you close the browser. Now you are not forced to log in every time.

If you do sign up for a free account, however, you can then customize your home page links and read your own POP3 e-mail. Also, once you have an account, your browsing data is retained across sessions. The handy thing about this is that you could log on to your Skweezer account using your desktop computer, sign in to your favorite websites, then when you log in to Skweezer from your device, you’ll already be signed in. I for one hate triple-tapping passwords.

Barnabas Kendall, CTO
Greenlight Wireless Corp.

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