Forget Podcasts, now there’s PiMCast


Just when everyone is getting on the bandwagon about Podcasting, the audio blogging that is pulled to your MP3 player (like an iPod) for listening at your convenience, a new form of information distribution is emerging for those with Personal Media Centers (PMC).  From VolkerW’s Weblog:

PiMCast is the new means by which we will consume information, learn about new technologies and hear AND SEE snippets from other people’s lives in the form of video downloads for our Portable Media Center (PMC) devices. Even though these devices are not yet widely spread, a few enthusiasts already started sharing their recordings of Friends, West Wing or other soaps for download and watching on the PMC.

PiMCasts have been inspired largely by the Channel 9 videos and employees of Microsoft are really pushing this video blogging.  A website has already sprung up to produce and distribute content specifically for the PMC.  Podcasters have been talking for weeks about taking them to the next level, video, and PiMCasting may be the obvious vehicle.  We’ll certainly keep an eye on it.

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