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Map_packageOutlook PST files quickly grow to epic proportions unless you take some actions to archive older emails.  Archiving saves the older emails but removes them from your main Outlook file and keeps your environment easier to manage and running very snappy.  Unfortunately the integrated archival in Outlook is not the easiest to deal with and since it removes all archived emails into a separate PST file you have to open your archive file to work with (and search for) older emails.

The Office Weblog has a thorough overview of a third party application, Mail Archival Pro (MAP), which expands the usefulness of email archival and makes the task very simple.  The program gives the user complete control over the operation of the archival process and more importantly allows you to search and preview archived emails from within MAP.  Head on over to The Office Weblog to see if MAP is right for your needs.



Well you can’t reply to messages but you can open them, copy email addresses, text etc. Which is more than enough for me.

I archive everything on 1st January each year and delete mail from 2 years before. So always have at least 1 year’s worth of email in Outlook and maximum 2. The rest is instantly accessible from X1. I deal with around 7000 email messages a year and it works pretty well.

Marc Orchant

Karim, jk:

Using Karim’s method, the archival .pst files do not need to be open in Outlook to be indexed – you just point x1 at them. In order to operate on the individual messages from within x1 they DO have to be open in Outlook though.

It’s not a bad way to go. What I like about MAP is the contact management and the fact that, by moving all of the old mails out of the Outlook environment, x1 actually works better for me as it has less to index and finds more relevant and recent results. I only search in MAP when I’m looking for older stuff.

It’s a good strategy for folks like me that have years and years of stuff in Outlook and very rarely touch the old stuff but need it around – just in case.


Do the archive PST files have to be open in Outlook? MAP lets you search and open the email without having to open the archive inside Outlook.


X1 search (, which I use one thousand million times a day, will also index your PST archives and allow you to search these seamlessly along with everything else. (Actually I might use it more often that that).

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