iPod Killer?


Christmas season is upon us and online magazines have been musing about an “iPod Killer”.

Here’s why I believe these “other guys” are looking at a sizable challenge:

iPod has struck the ultimate balance of features, portability, usability and outstanding design. The “other guys” are trying hard to match this balance, but inevitably run into the next problem: Brand.

Apple was first to market with the best player, worked very hard on developing a killer brand. It has successfully propelled the iPod to a fashion statement for trendy people. All the kids want it. Adults want it. It’s made its way to just about every company-sponsored Christmas Holiday party give-away. Sweepstakes sites are all over it. A man even proposed with one.

What’s with this “iPod Killer” concept anyway? What desperate monster would seek to kill such a cuddly creature? On one hand you have the iPod, on the other hand you have “everything else that’s trying to beat it”. That pretty-much gives everything else an aura of “second-rate items”. Kids know this. I don’t see parents likely to risk going for “second-rate” on their one yearly attempt at spoiling their little brats rotten, in a feeble attempt to save a measly buck on similarly spec’ed devices. “Gee Mom, thanks for the … brickBox … ?” *rolls eyes*.

Christmas is harsh.



yeah….all the cool kids have one…BUT NOT ME! :cries: we need to start something like: “the apple blog fundraiser! get dan an ipod!”


Oh boy, I love watching for the next “iPod Killer”!! Every month or so, there’s yet another one.

It’s started to look like the “Apple going out of business” stories that we’ve come to know and love over the past decades!

So yes, bring them on – bring on all those ugly, hard to use, nasty devices with features no-one wants. Killers? The only killing they do is classed as suicide.


I think it goes way beyond that. Apple has a seamless, end-to-end, web services system/platform. The whole enchilada. They are the only one that does. It’s hard to kill an ecosystem. Especially one with cache/brand.

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