The Comeback Kids


Web 1.0 icons are making a major comeback, which means we might be seeing a bubble. Anyway USA Today has a nice report on the new improved web 2.0 versions of Kim Polese, Joe Kraus, and even Netscaper Marc A. And did you hear, Tony Perkins is launching another magazine. Tom thinks dot-coms are going to eat everyone’s lunch this time around.



Oh I agree. we are seeing a bit of froth that comes with easy-tech. i don’t see any difference in today and 1999. same business models (or lack there off) and same people with applications and features, not sustainable long term companies are getting funded. can i do anything about it? nope. we can be careful, and I am and that’s because I have learnt from the lessons of the past.


I don’t think Tom could be more wrong – where’s one example of the dot-commers coming back and destroying the larger established companies? Is Vonage going to kill the telcos? No. Is going to kill Siebel or SAP? No (they will be bought by one of them).

What we’re seeing is exactly the opposite of what Tom is talking about: a return to big companies and big brands. Software startups, in particular, are going to find they have few places to go.

We’ve seen the big winners from the internet: EBay, Amazon, Yahoo and probably Google. There will be other companies, but those are the ones that survived and will thrive.

I don’t know where Tom came up with this notion…..

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