Man Proposes With iPod


Its so sweet! And geekey!

So the day is almost here.
I got this idea when my girlfriend fell in love with the iPod this summer after seeing my cousins´husband´s iPod in action.
Great, I´ll get her one (which we both can use) for our anniversary I thought.
When I got online to order one from the Apple store, (as you probably know) they were offering free inscription. I saw this as the perfect way of ask her to marry me. So I got an 20G iPod with the inscrition:
Ana My Love
Will you marry me?
Due to too much work it´s been sitting in my cupboard for a week, but tomorrow she will recive the gift. Can´t wait til she turns it around and read the back of it.
Getting nervous just writing this

By the way, she said yes. (Read the thread for the whole story)


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