Another Tony Goes Blogging


Tony Conrad, a venture capitalist with Venture Strategy Partners of San Francisco has quit his gig and is off to start a company in the RSS/Blogging space. Conrad, who had invested in OddPost, an email company bought by Yahoo earlier this year is headed to Blacksmith Capital as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence. (Blacksmith Capital is the new firm started by Phil Black, who was with ABS Partners.) Conrad emailed some of his close friends and apparently emailed me by mistake. Ouch… “I recently resigned from Venture Strategy Partners in order to focus my energy starting a new company in the RSS/Blogging Market.  During the past two years I have spent a considerable amount of time covering this rapidly expanding marketplace as an investor and I am very excited to now be an entrepreneur in this space.” Well this makes it Tony #2 to go blogging. First one of course is Tony Perkins. Okay no Perkins mention for another month now!

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