Yahoo, Microsoft should buy Vonage

On numerous occasions I have said that IM could become the VoIP doorway for companies like Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo. In fact, I had written a piece about how Microsoft is planning to become a big player in the VoIP space. Today, I have this email alert from ABI Research which calls for large IM makers to buy out a VoIP business. Vamsi Sistla, director of broadband and residential entertainment technologies at ABI Research argues that “Millions of people use the big IM services. Some use their voice capabilities. But the experience is pretty horrible. You have to sit at a computer, use a microphone and speak loudly. And it goes over the public Internet, so quality is poor and security is suspect. Why aren’t they doing anything about it? They have an established presence: why don’t they buy out a Vonage, an Avaya or a Voiceglo, integrate their technology and start offering packages to existing and new subscribers? Isn’t that a huge revenue opportunity for them?” Well. There might be reasons: like pissing off partners like SBC for Yahoo, Time Warner for AOL, and Verizon for MSN. Or that FCC can meddle in your business or even state governments can start nosing around. But nice way to grab attention for analysts!


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