Skype stuff


Some assorted Skype tidbits:

Plantronics has begun pitching their line of computer headsets as Skype ready.  They offer a number of headsets that will work well with Skype and are available on the Plantronics web site.

Marc Orchant of The Tablet PC Weblog has the perfect headset for Skype that he has pieced together.  His setup consists of the Ety-Com headset coupled with a GE Audio Hub (Model HO97950).  It is tiny and easily carried around for Skypeing with his Tablet PC.

And lastly, the Outlook Skype add-in lets you store the Skype info for your contacts and then Skype directly from Outlook.  You can optionally use the Outlook Journal to log the call.  Very cool.   (From The Office Weblog)



I use Skype daily and actually use the microphone built-in on the Tablet PC with Etymotic ER6 earphones. It’s risky using the built-in mic because of background noise, but I’ve found it more than sufficient for the majority of my calls. It’s certainly convenient.

If there are multiple people listening in the same room, then we’ll use the Tablet speaker and mic. The only trick I’ve needed there is if the Tablet is in notebook mode to tilt the display back slighly to reduce chance of feedback because the two are placed close to each other.

Yesterday my brother, Layne, got caught “talking to himself” because he wasn’t using a headset and the person didn’t realize could just use the built-in mic and speaker. ( So, just watch out if you don’t use a microphone and headset, people might think you’ve lost it completely ;)

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