Saab Now Offering iPod Integration?


I’ve seen a few small mentions of it. I’ve got a call in to my local Saab dealership to get details.

I’ll be sure to update here if it’s true, and all the facts (car models supported, cost, setup, etc) – and hopefully pictures once I get mine installed!!!

Dangit! Well it’s true. There’s a $125 ‘kit’ that will allow (here’s the “dangit”) only Saab 9-3 owners to integrate the iPod into their factory stereo system. It will be a powered connection to the iPod (so it won’t drain its battery on you), and will be wired to the center console/arm rest to keep things clean and hidden. More accessible than the glove-box option offered by BMW. The volume and track controls will work through the steering wheel as well.

Leaves the 9-5 and 9-2 owners in the dark for now (dangit again!) but the parts guy I spoke with mentioned the aftermarket alternatives beginning to spring-up. Nice of him to mention, but obvious to someone who’s been waiting and watching for this type of thing. And I don’t think there are any alternatives for as little as $125. Wow. what a great deal. Maybe I should get me a 9-3 so I can integrate my iPod for cheap…


Michael R

Just found this older posting, but wondering what the $125 kit is , in order to play my ipod on my 2000, stock 9-3 Viggen?

Or any other developments other than FM adapters?



anyone know a place in west los angeles and surrounding area that has a good price for ipod integration. i drive a 9-3 2003.


I believe this handles all the 9 3 & 9 5 iterations including the current and earlier SIDs. Takes the place of the optional CD changer DIsplays track info and uses Steering wheel comtrols to skip etc. Mine is on order.


This is only if you plan to keep the stock head unit and go with aftermarket everything else.
But then again, rather ungrade everything.


I don’t know if anyone thought of this option but there is always the JL Clean Sweap. It not only increases the quality of the sound but gives you the ability to connect virtually anything. It lets you control volume and many others. Contact JL Audio for more information.

David Footman

I have a 2004 Saab 95 Aero wagon and I’ve been down the road on this one. Best solution seems to be replacing your stereo with something that had identical dimensions to preserve the esthetics of your dash. This means going to a DVD system.. with a touch screen and new head unit to allow steering wheel controls. 2k canadian. ouch! sounds good though.


heard that this was just a cord that plugs into your ipod and not “true” integration (where one could actually control the ipod or select songs, albums etc. through the infotainment system — not just the volume/eq on the steering wheel/dash). any more info on this? i know that apple is working with GM to fully integrate the ipod in their vehicles but saab tends to be of different equipment than most GM lines. anyone have more info on this as well?

Nick Santilli

You should call your local Saab dealer for specifics. But, I don’t think your vehicle is new enough for this capability to be built in.


My 2003 9-3 sedan has a AUX feature in my display as well as a potential opening in my center console. Does this mean my Saab is capable for supporting my ipod? what would be required to do this and do I already have the internal wiring for this?

Currently the AUX function does nothing.


Just wondering if anyone knows of a good/clean aftermarket way to wire the iPod to a Saab 9-5 Aero stereo. I currently have the tape adpater, but was looking for something a little more integrated.

Nick Santilli

I’d be surprised if any car audio place couldn’t provide a solution at this point. there are so many products out there that will work for just about any car…

i’d hope so at least. I think the bigger question would be, how much are you willing to pay???


Has anyone found aftermaket options for iPodding the 9-5? Even replacing the head unit is an option for me.

nick santilli

i don’t think there’s anything for the stock saab stereos unless you’ve got a new 9-3
otherwise the 9-2and 9-5 are only aftermarket able…

alex thompson

so is there ANY way at present to use my ipod through my 2003 saab 9-5 aero stereo? such as plugging in an aftermarket aux port?


Just called my saab dealer, and apparently it’s only for the new 9-3SS.

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