Saab Now Offering iPod Integration?

I’ve seen a few small mentions of it. I’ve got a call in to my local Saab dealership to get details.

I’ll be sure to update here if it’s true, and all the facts (car models supported, cost, setup, etc) – and hopefully pictures once I get mine installed!!!

Dangit! Well it’s true. There’s a $125 ‘kit’ that will allow (here’s the “dangit”) only Saab 9-3 owners to integrate the iPod into their factory stereo system. It will be a powered connection to the iPod (so it won’t drain its battery on you), and will be wired to the center console/arm rest to keep things clean and hidden. More accessible than the glove-box option offered by BMW. The volume and track controls will work through the steering wheel as well.

Leaves the 9-5 and 9-2 owners in the dark for now (dangit again!) but the parts guy I spoke with mentioned the aftermarket alternatives beginning to spring-up. Nice of him to mention, but obvious to someone who’s been waiting and watching for this type of thing. And I don’t think there are any alternatives for as little as $125. Wow. what a great deal. Maybe I should get me a 9-3 so I can integrate my iPod for cheap…


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