PPC Tablet for the Pocket PC


Amorphous Media Design has released version 2.0 of their remote control software for the Pocket PC.  From their web site:

PPC Tablet Remote Control Suite 2.0 is a Pocket PC software that uses a Pocket PC screen to emulate input devices such as keyboard, touchpad or tablet. Through these "virtual" input devices, PPC Tablet helps users remotely control a desktop or laptop PC by sending keystrokes or mouse movements to it, through an ActiveSync connection or any TCP/IP network connection, wired or wireless. It can also help users speed up repetitive data entry or software operation by using PPC Tablet’s macro keys.

PPC Tablet looks like the perfect solution for controlling PowerPoint presentations using your WiFi enabled Pocket PC.  They have a trial version available for download on the web site.  The keypads are customizable so you can build each layout exactly as you like it and you can submit your custom layouts to the developers for their Layout Profile Design Contest.


(via Pocket PC Thoughts)

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