jkOnTheRun first annual holiday gift list for the true techno-geek


I am trying to get into the holiday spirit and have spent the last few days going through two of my favorite websites for geek stuff.  If you are not a techno-geek yourself (although you can’t get help until you admit it) then you probably know someone who is and  you can never find the right gift for them.  Have no fear, jkOTR to the rescue with ten geek gift ideas that are relatively cheap, mostly useful and certainly items your beloved techno-geek has never received as gifts before.  Full list after the jump.

6-in-1 Mini Card Read/write W/ 6 Pt Base Hub

This unique media card reader has a couple of functions that provide extra usefulness for those road warrior geeks.  The card reader can handle CompactFlash Card Type I & II, Microdrive, Memory Stick/MS PRO, MultiMediaCard, SecureDigital & SmartMedia making it very versatile.  Toss in 6 powered USB 2.0 ports in the desktop base and your geek will be in connected heaven.  But wait, there’s more.  When your geek needs to hit the road the card reader pops out of the desktop base for carrying in a very small form.  From Cyberguys.  $59.


Desktop R/C Mini Rovers

Geeks just want to have fun too and it’s virtually guaranteed with this radio controlled little rover.  Get two and they will play laser tag.  Oh yeah.  They are only 4 inches long so this will be perfect for those geek cubicle sessions.  Throw in the USB software and your techno-geek can control this bad boy through his PC so he gets to play with two toys at once!  Then add the wireless video camera and, well, you may never see your geek again.  From ThinkGeek.  $50.


Notebook Screen Cover

Your geek has complained loudly and often about the dust buildup on his notebook computer screen.  Well, just work with me on this anyway.  To help keep the screen nice and clean I found this dual purpose screen cover.  Slip it over the open notebook screen and it keeps all the dust from settling when the computer is not in use.  But here’s the neat part- when your techno-geek gets smudges on the LCD (and they all do, must be the Cheetos) the screen cover is made totally out of that stretchy microfiber which is the same stuff screen cleaners are made of.  They have different sizes.  From Cyberguys.  $8.


USB Christmas Tree

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without some festive decoration your geek can plug into his/her computer.  From ThinkGeek.  $13.


Duct Tape Wallet

What more can I say?  It’s a bi-fold wallet made out of Super Duct Tape and is virtually indestructible.  Your techno-geek will be equally at home whipping this out in CompUsa AND Home Depot.  From Cyberguys.  $15.


PQI Intelligent Stick

The geek in your life can’t get enough USB flash memory sticks.  This one is the smallest I’ve seen anywhere and is sure to make your geek the envy of his/her geek buddies.  From ThinkGeek. $25 – $100.


Softbelly BroaDBand Duck

Every true geek should have plush toys all around the desktop and this plush duck is far more than just a cute toy.  The BroaDBand Duck has a chamois belly to clean dust and dirt from the computer screen.  They also have a full line of other animals if the duck doesn’t float your boat.  Do not let your techno-geek put it in the tub.  From Cyberguys.  $9.


The tiny little Pak-Lite LED flashlight lit the way on a 2,600 mile Pacific Crest Trail trek on one bulb and battery! OK, your techno-geek will probably use it to look for those little screws he/she drops when messing with the inside of their computer.  But it’s still cool and almost certain your techno-geek doesn’t already have one.  Its compact, lightweight and rugged construction makes it a favorite of hikers. The dual-mode, high intensity, 2-LED unit can light up a tent for 600 hours on low or 75 hours on high. They even have a version that flashes RED LIGHTS which will keep your geek entertained for days.  Battery included.  From Cyberguys. $27.


Antworks- Space Age Ant Habitat

When I was a kid we used to call these ant farms but that wouldn’t do for a true techno-geek.  This high-tech "habitat" uses a gel developed from a NASA experiment that serves as both habitat and the nourishment the ants need for survival.  And it’s a cool spacy blue color.  From ThinkGeek.  $20.


Hope you enjoyed this list of true techno-geek gifts but if you didn’t find anything appealing to you there are hundreds of other items on Cyberguys and ThinkGeek.  Happy Holidays!



Uhh, is this your way of giving me your Christmas list? I was just going to get your another tie and cologne. Geesh, now I’ll have to do more shopping! Love you!

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