Amabuddy- book info from your cell phone


It might not be too useful until they get a toll free phone number but Amabuddy is an interesting idea that sounds like a useful free service.  From the Amabuddy website:

You are in a bookshop or a record shop. You found something that interests you.You can’t decide whether to buy it now or later online. What you need is a price check and a quick review, perhaps some ideas of something similar that others might recommend. Amabuddy can help!

What is Amabuddy? You dial a number that allows you to then enter a book’s ISBN number or a CD’s UPC number. Amabuddy then runs to the Amazon site and gets the various prices (including those from small independent sellers) and average customer review. It then speaks it into your ear. Better still it recommends what else might interest you so you can browse other items whilst in the store. Also you can bookmark books so that you can come back and make sure you want them. Just enter your phone number above in the field.

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