Will We Finally Get Album Booklets from iTMS?


iTunes Music Store has been huge for digital music for purchase and download – that’s no secret. But as more and more people flock to purchasing their music via direct download stores, they’re missing one very tangible part of the CD-buying experience: The Cover art/Booklet.

Well perhaps Apple listened to the [at the time of this writing] 625 people who signed the online petition which called for album booklets and their cover art to be included as a pdf download with purchased iTMS music. It’s the next logical step, and one that can’t happen too soon in this author’s opinion (yes, my name’s on the list).

I’m sure there were many more than the 625 listed on the petition who drove Apple to release the booklet for U2’s latest album, in pdf form. The pdf is exactly the same as the booklet found in the jewel case of the CD that non iTMS’ers purchased. Hopefully this is the tip of the iceberg, and Apple will soon be releasing as many pdf album booklets as possible for their hundreds of thousands of songs offered through iTMS.


Josh Pigford

I totally agree this is a big step forward. I DO however wish there was the option to pay a dollar or 2 more and get the actual cover mailed to you. Granted, this could very well just be a personal thing, but I’m very hands on. I like to see stuff off screen.

nick santilli

yeah, it’ll be nice if iTMS follow’s the U2 release by adding the pdf to all song downloads…cross your fingers, though I think it’s going to be a given very soon.

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