The business of blogging according to Business Week


I normally do not write about pure blogging as there are dozens hundreds thousands of blogs writing about it.  But there are a lot of bloggers who are currently trying to figure out how to make a living from blogging and I felt like commenting about it.  A lot of buzz is floating around now about several big name bloggers who are writing books about… blogging.  All of this is good as blogging is definitely big news and there is no doubt it has moved closer toward the mainstream than some would like.  Business Week has an interesting article about the business of blogging and how enterprising bloggers are trying to cash in on the phenomenon.  They discuss the current kingpins of blogging, Jason Calacanis and Nick Denton, and even get into the controversial blog for pay scheme that Marqui is running now.  Anyone interested in the business of blogging should give it a read.  I am surprised they didn’t mention fellow blogger Jeremy Wright’s recent auction on eBay where he auctioned three months of his blogging.  It was quite successful and he has my congratulations.

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