The SlashDot Aftermath & RackSpace


This morning, James Enck posted a long interview with Nicolas Reville, and that got Slashdotted. Since is running off a WordPress install, we had some serious MySQL issues and the database was overwhelmed so to speak. I guess, that’s the downside of dynamic pages. However, I got in touch with fine folks at RackSpace, who without as much as batting an eye, upgraded the RAM, added a faster processor, and made sure that we were online. They are keeping tabs. Fanatical support – they just don’t say it, they mean it. Thanks RackSpace!



Thanks charlie, for those tips. well i am learning all these issues the hard way – which is i guess not such a bad way to learn. thanks for your kind words as well

Charlie Sierra

What you need is a caching reverse proxy sitting between your server(s?) and the net. (Hello Squid?, see:

Secondly, even Slashdot is not foolish enough (that’s directed at the knuckleheads that produce this blogging software) to run a straight dynamic website.

Use a database to store your media assets, ie stories, images, etc. but your backend should be batch oriented and when updated it spits out a new batch of flat files.

Keep up the good work, and Lord knows the slashdoters are sure to visit again.

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