SMB Manager for Network Servers on OS X


If you’ve got a lot (1 or more) servers that you connect to from your OS X machine, you’ve probably been frustrated that it’s not simpler to keep that server or servers saved for the next time you need them. Sure, the Finder will save the list of servers you’ve recently connected to, but you’ll still need to re-enter the login information, as well as choose the share you want to connect to. Ok, so you could also set it as a login item on your account, but that can be a little hassle as well.

Enter SMB Manager. [Named for the way OS X networks with other systems] This is a great, free little app for keeping all your most frequently used servers/network resources saved in one place – complete with your login information and share to connect to.

Launch SMB Manager and enter the drives/systems you want to connect to on a regular basis. (I really only connect to my wife’s PowerBook on occasion to sync her iPhoto album with my own, but a test is a test, right?) All the systems you enter will now be available from the drop down list. You can even assign (by drag & drop) an icon to each drive if you’re easily confused, or have tons of drives connected at once.

It’s all right there. Simple, Effective. As I mentioned, I only have one connection I use on occasion, so my test wasn’t as robust as it could have been. But it kept the settings I entered, and even that small thing makes it easier on me. I can only imagine that those of you with a handful of network connected drives will love this utility.


nick santilli

Thanks Mark – I brain farted there. had it in my original write up, and forgot to carry it across when I rewrote it up. thanks for the save.

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