SAM- Skype Answering Machine


"I am away from my computer right now.  Please leave a message after the beep and I will return your Skype as soon as possible".  This scenario is now a reality with the release of SAM- the Skype Answering Machine.  SAM is a totally free utility that works with most PCs and requires a compatible sound card and an active logged in Skype account.  This is way cool and terribly useful if you Skype much.

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Paul Andrews

My company Netralia has produced Skylook – which contains, amongst other things, a Skype Answering Machine built directly into Outlook. One big difference between this and the others is that it does not install virtual sound drivers or mess with system sound setting in any way. To give it a try go to


Check out a new contender in this market called Pamela.

Looks better (LOL), easier to use, more features and also free. Have a pay version with call recording, podcasting, email forwarding, personalisation,etc

Seems more development done on it too.

GalGal Guri

This is what I have been waiting for for so long …
I already donated $15 to Alex the devloper. Hope he will improve SAM to have an e-mail sent when you have a message and make the database web oriented for the mobile use .
Thanks so much Alex ! keep up the good work !


Wow this looks great. This was often requested on the Skype forum as an additional feature. Nice to see a third party make use of the Skype API’s. I can’t wait to be away from my computer and for someone to call.

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